Benefits of Accessing Corbis Stock Footage at Getty

Corbis and Getty Images are two of the most popular stock media agencies in the market for years. They both have a global reach. When the news broke that the former is shutting down, surely many creative professionals were saddened. However, there is actually nothing to be sad about. Corbis Motion, Corbis Images and Veer are just moving on to a new home, read more here. And, you should be happy to know that it is with Getty Images. Now Corbis and Getty customers have a more comprehensive and diverse collection to explore.


What does this deal mean to existing Getty Images customers? If you have an existing Getty Images account, this could mean a lot for you.

  • You will have a more complete collection to explore. You will benefit from the unified and expanded service as well as the standardized terms and simplified experience of accessing two media libraries in one site. You no longer have to browse through two websites to look for perfect stock footage for your project. You can easily and quickly access Corbis stock footage and Getty Images stock footage from one location.
  • You will have unprecedented offering. Because of this merge, you now have over 200 million content to explore. Premium content from Corbis and Getty Images have been combined for your ease and convenience. Whatever it is you are looking for – stills, editorial, videos, archival, contemporary or creative – you will find it all.
  • You have the highest quality content in one place. Combining Getty Images renown Hulton archive with the Sygma and Bettmann archives is one of the best things that happened in the stock media industry. You can now access the largest privately held archives in the world with images dating back to the beginning of photography and one of the most significant historical collections from the 19th and 20th All in all, you have over 90 million of archival content to explore.
  • Corbis content at Getty pricing. Since Corbis stock footages are now on GI, you can now purchase them via Ultrapacks as well. From royalty-free to truly prestige content, they are all available at pricing for every budget level. Thanks to the merge, you can enjoy simple licensing and built-in savings with Corbis.

Let us talk a little more about this merge. It is actually VCG (Visual China Group) that will own and manage names and trademarks related to Corbis Motion, Corbis Images and Veer. They will be responsible for licensing Corbis stock footage and images in China and around the world. But, what has Getty Images had to do with this? For your information, VCG has been distributing Getty content in China for over a decade – exclusively. This partnership will further strengthen the long term relationship between the two.