Shutterstock Coupon Code for All Types of Creative Professionals


Shutterstock is one of the favored stock places of all types of creative professionals. Whether you are a blogger or designer, you will surely find the visual content you need to create and complete your projects. It is also the perfect image source for creative teams and even corporations. With over 80 million stock assets in the library, you will have multiple choices of images to match your blog or website’s theme.

Shutterstock’s image collection is continually growing in a rapid pace. In fact, over five hundred thousand new images are uploaded every week. This increases your chance to find everything you need for your creative projects. Moreover, these images are available on subscriptions and images on demand. You can choose whichever suits your creative needs and budget. With a Shutterstock account, you can download high quality, royalty-free images instantly.

Aside from the large collection of premium images and flexible rates, another feature to love about the stock photo website is Shutterstock coupons. Our, Stock Photo Secrets, lasting relationship with the stock site enabled us to acquire exclusive coupons for Shutterstock. This promotion is exclusive to our valued readers and gets you up to 15% off on all image subscriptions and 10% off on all footage products.

The Shutterstock coupon 2016 is only valid through June 30, 2016, so be sure to get yours to save on image subscription plans and footage.

What makes Shutterstock a good image source?


Shutterstock is a global technology company with the largest and most vibrant image collection. It also features innovative tools that power everyone’s creative process. Currently, it added a simple, easy and fast way to edit photos through Shutterstock Editor. It also allows you to search for images wherever you go with award-winning applications for Android, iPad and iPhone users. The apps are also functional enough to use alone and beautiful to show to clients.

The company has over 80 million stock assets and that number consistently increases. It has been around the industry since 2003 and has catered to all types of creative professionals. Bloggers, web designers and businesspersons all benefit from Shutterstock’s amazing royalty-free images and simple pricing. To make things even better, the stock site collaborates with Stock Photo Secrets to offer coupons.

This year’s Shutterstock promo codes offer 15% discount on all image subscriptions and 10% on all footage products. To redeem, make sure you copy the code first and choose a subscription that suits your creative needs and budget. Log in your account or create a new one to proceed. Enter your code at the promo code box and click apply to see your savings in a second. We hope you enjoy our exclusive coupon codes for Shutterstock.   


Where to Find Shutterstock Coupon Code 2016

Shutterstock_2012_logo Shutterstock is one of the leading stock photo websites in the market. It is well known to the entire creative community for its high quality images and flexible pricing. With over 70 million stock images in the library, it provides every creative professional a higher chance of finding what they need. The stock photo website has been in business for over 10 years and has been the first choice for bloggers, web designers and businesspersons.

Stock Photo Secrets has a very good relation with Shutterstock. The latter provides the former with the right to offer Shutterstock coupon codes to its valued customers. At the present, Stock Photo Secrets has gotten its hands to another exclusive promotion for its readers. Its lasting relations with the stock photo website enabled it to acquire very goods for this year 2016. You can save up to 15% on all image subscription valid through June 30, 2016. Visit here for more information.

Shutterstock Coupon 2016

shutterstock-on-demand-and-subscription-optionHow much can you save using Stock Photo Secret’s coupon for Shutterstock? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to redeem the coupon code.

  • Choose an image plan you wish to subscribe with by clicking Buy Now. You will be asked to log in or create an account. If you are an existing Shutterstock customer, proceed by entering your log in details. If not, you can simply create an account that takes only a few minutes and is free of charge.
  • Choose whichever suits your creative needs and budget. Like we always say, choose a subscription plan that suits your creative needs and budget. Consider how many images you use and require as well as how much you are willing or able to spend for your visual content. However, to get the best value, we recommend the yearly subscription.
  • Enter your coupon code. You are one step away from complete your purchase. Right below the product you wish to purchase, you will be asked to enter your coupon code which you can find here. Click apply and you will see your savings immediately.
  • Congratulations! The current coupon code will let you save 15% from your chosen Shutterstock subscription. Once subscribe, you can start browsing through millions of high quality images and downloading them right away.

Using Shutterstock coupons is an acceptable way to save on your subscriptions, and Stock Photo Secrets is the only place you can get them. Many websites claim to offer coupons for a price. Do not trust them. On the other hand, Stock Photo Secrets is affiliated with Shutterstock, making it a legit distributor. If you want to download more stock photos, do it with Shutterstock coupon codes. With 15% off on your next subscription, this exclusive promotion is definitely worth your time!



Find Curated Photos With Adobe Stock

Have you been looking for curated photos on the Internet without luck? If you answered “Yes” to this question, then you need to take a look at Adobe Stock.

What is Adobe Stock?

Adobe Stock is the newest output by famed software giant Adobe. The company that has brought you Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator and countless other programs has done it again. This time, Adobe has taken the stock photo realm by storm, and in the process has completely revolutionized the way people can search for and use images that can be downloaded from the Internet.

How does Adobe Stock work?

Adobe Stock (click here for its review) has found a way to make millions of curated photos and other images available to the general public. The average person could spend many hours searching for the right image to add to a project. In the end, many people simply get frustrated and pick something that is merely “acceptable” to get the process done. Adobe’s technology has taken the search process and streamlined it.

How do you find images?


So, just how easy is it to use Adobe Stock? It could not be any simpler. Since there are over four million images available, the geniuses at Adobe knew they needed to create an easy way for people to find what they need. All you need to do is perform a quick search for whatever type of image you are looking for. For example, if you need an image of a dog, simply type “dog” into the search window. At the same time, the system will give you additional choices from which you can choose if you want. For example, as you type “dog” you will also get the option to choose “dogs hot” or “dogs playing” as well as several other choices. So, it is easy for you to whittle through options you do not need and focus on the ones you want.

Creative Cloud

Adobe Stock is intricately integrated into Creative Cloud Apps such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator. The system allows you to browse images such as stock photos, videos, illustrations and graphics within the application and then places them into your project. A benefit of the system is that you can sample a watermarked image by placing it into your work and manipulating it in whatever way you need to. There is no need to pay for the image until you are certain it is the one you want.

Find the curated photos you need today, try Adobe Stock!