Licensing Images for Commercial Use at Adobe Stock

Licensing images for commercial use is different with every stock photo website. Some agencies sell extended licenses on demand, while other allow you to purchase them with credits. Many extended license images are available in packs, too. However they are sold, they all do the same thing – extend the usage rights you get with the standard license. But at Adobe Stock, they do things quite differently.

First, here are a few things you need to know about the stock photo website:

  • They have one of the largest stock photo libraries in the market.
  • Their website is available in 20 languages and to most countries.
  • They sell images on demand and through subscription plans.
  • Their website is integrated with Adobe software platform.

In addition to these four basic information about Adobe Stock (AS), you might want to know that it is a fairly new stock photo website. Despite their novelty to the stock photo industry, they have already garnered a lot of respect and trust among creative professionals and businesses.

Acquiring Fotolia, an already known stock photo source, made Adobe Stock an even more attractive place to purchase stock photos for commercial use. They even added handpicked images from artists around the world to expand their collection of premium stock photos. With over 60 million inspiring images, you will surely find the perfect photo to enhance your creative project.

How much are stock photos for commercial use Adobe Stock?
Adobe Stock now offers Extended License with their images for commercial use. It is available to purchase for all images, including photos, vectors and illustrations, at $79.99 each. It gives you the rights that the standard license does, plus bonus rights to extend your print runs to over 500,000 copies. It also allows you to use the images on products for resale, such as postcards, t-shirts, posters and calendars.

Here are other rights included when you buy images for commercial use with an extended license:

  • Unlimited sharing rights
  • Unlimited duration
  • Unlimited geographical location of use
  • Unlimited website illustration
  • Unlimited social media posts
  • Unlimited printed and electronic documents
  • Unlimited video, TV and cinema use
  • Unlimited use on software and applications
  • Unlimited use on templates and derivative products intended for resale
  • Unlimited print on demand services
  • Up to $10,000 legal protection per image

How do you license images for commercial use?
Simply select “standard” or “extended” license from the drop down menu. The designated license will then sync to your Creative Cloud libraries, ready for work on your favorite CC desktop applications. That’s right! Licensing images for commercial purposes has never been easier if you are a CC user. You can easily find images within the app and preview them inside your designs. When you are ready, you can license, access and manage them directly within because AS is deeply integrated with Adobe apps.

If you are Creative Cloud user, Adobe Stock is the best place to purchase photos for commercial use. It offers premium images at one of the most affordable prices. Plus, it is integrated with your favorite CC software – letting you work on your creative projects more seamlessly.